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-[<img src="" alt="">](
UglifyCSS is a port of [YUI Compressor]( to [NodeJS]( for its CSS part. Its name is a reference to the awesome [UglifyJS]( but UglifyCSS is not a CSS parser. Like YUI CSS Compressor, it applies many regexp replacements. Note that a [port to JavaScript]( is also available in the YUI Compressor repository.
UglifyCSS passes successfully the test suite of YUI compressor CSS.
@@ -41,7 +39,7 @@ Options:
* `processString( content, options )` to process a given string
* `processFiles( [ filename1, ... ], options )` to process the concatenation of given files
Options are identical to the command line:
* `<int> maxLineLen` for `--max-line-len n`
* `<bool> expandVars` for `--expand-vars`

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