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✔ Create NPM package @done (13-04-11 13:44)
✔ Create bin files for server and client (for easy usage) @done (13-04-11 13:44)
☐ Check if mandatory config variables are set (or use defaults)
✔ Organize the folders so coffeescript and javascript are stored on git. @done (13-04-11 13:44)
☐ Create libs and bin files in separated files, so people can play around without the binary files.
☐ Check if a client with the name is already registered before registering it twice (overwriting)
✔ Create a class for easy manage servers @done (13-04-18 17:50)
✔ Return values in KB, MB, GB... Hr, min, secs... etc. @done (13-04-18 17:50)
✔ Normalized output to 2 decimals @done (13-04-18 17:50)
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