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Two accounts on one device #97

jfedyczak opened this Issue Sep 21, 2014 · 7 comments


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jfedyczak commented Sep 21, 2014

Hi, I'm trying to setup Z-Push-contrib with IMAP backed. Everything works perfectly until I add second account on one device. Only one account works correctly. I'm seeing following errors in log:

21/09/2014 14:59:03 [12550] [INFO] [some@account] StateNotFoundException: FileStateMachine->GetState(): Could not locate state '/home/www/zpush-state2/g/j/905avdfedl5tb3idt6r3cjgljg-bs-1411304185' - code: 0
21/09/2014 14:59:03 [12550] [WARN] [some@account] BackendIMAP->getImapIdFromFolderId('678de0d2') = not initialized!
21/09/2014 14:59:03 [12550] [INFO] [some@account] StatusException: Folderid not found in cache - code: 12

I found quick'n'dirty workaround:

if (isset($_GET['DeviceId']) && isset($_GET['User']))
    $_GET['DeviceId'] = sha1($_GET['DeviceId'].":".$_GET['User']);

Is there any "legit" way to fix this? Some config option, I am missing?


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fmbiete commented Sep 21, 2014

Hi @jfedyczak

It's a known limitation and there isn't any good solutions for this at the moment.
When using 2 accounts in the same mobile you will found that the states will dissapear forcing a resync every few minutes.

Before touching z-push core to add the [user, device] as key for the states I was waiting to the z-push main developers to accept all the pending changes but they seem to have other priorities.


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cacsa commented Mar 4, 2015

Hi all,

Where is that workaround code placed? Which file? I have been searching all over for a fix on this same exact issue.



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jfedyczak commented Mar 4, 2015

@cacsa Just before closing ?> in config.php:

if (isset($_GET['DeviceId']) && isset($_GET['User']) && $_GET['DeviceId'] != "")
    $_GET['DeviceId'] = sha1($_GET['DeviceId'].":".$_GET['User']);

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cacsa commented Mar 4, 2015

Perfect.. Thank you so much @jfedyczak !!


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rastikw commented Apr 27, 2015

Excellent patch, thank you.


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alexhass commented Jul 21, 2017

Can you guys move this case to a bugfix, please? Manual patching is not really fun and that you may have an info and your user account on a mobile should be more than common.


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soundguy06 commented Dec 4, 2017

@jfedyczak and others, which exact file under z-push did you place the edit in? I have several config.php under /usr/local/lib/z-push/, some with a ?> and some without. I am on the newest version of MIAB and I have issues with having more than one account on an iphone at a time.

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