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.fmbot is a social Discord bot that provides music statistics for you, your friends, and your fellow server members.

Easily see who listens to your favorite artist in a server and make new friends. Or discover new artists within your favorite genres.

Documentation and website:

Join our Discord server:

Click here to add the bot to your server.


For funding, see .fmbot supporter.

Supporting helps us maintain and host the bot, while you get some nice perks in return.


See our Docker builds on Github Packages.

Git branch Type Discord username Invite link
main production .fmbot#8173
dev beta/develop .fmbot develop#7613 Closed for invites


Please see on how to setup a local development environment, and see the for further info.


Thanks to JetBrains for providing a free license of ReSharper.

And a special thanks to and it's community, the developer community, the .fmbot community, contributors and staff, all supporters and all others who have helped out.