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Active development has stopped

RestClient has been mostly absorbed and reborn in the twotoasters/hoot library. Since many of my own projects still use RestClient, I'll fix bugs as necessary, but I'll use hoot for new development.

Running Tests

These instructions are for running the tests in Eclipse. There's no need to run a device or emulator.

  1. Install Robolectric.

  2. Import these three RestClient projects into Eclipse. Refer to the Robolectric install instructions to fix up any project dependency issues that occur.

  • The RestClient SDK library project in the top level folder.
  • The RestClientExampleApp project in the example-app folder.
  • The RestClientTest project in the example-app/test-app folder.
  1. The tests use Sinatra as a local test server.

    gem install sinatra json

  2. Start the test server by cd'ing to example-app/test-app/sinatra folder and run

    ruby robolectric.rb

  3. In Eclipse, select the RestClientTest project and "Run As" => "JUnit Test"