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README of srddl

/!\ Warning: This project is in heavy development and API can break anytime, sorry. You're more than welcome to follow it and patch bugs if you want though.

  • Current state: Unpacking structures, see examples in examples/ directory.
  • Goal: Templated hexadecimal editor, to enhance working with binary files.

All current ideas are put in the TODO file. Check the sources!


Here is a simple example, that might give you a better idea of what is a basic usage of srddl:

import as sd
import srddl.fields as sf
import srddl.models as sm

class A(sm.Struct):
    length = sf.IntField()
    data = sf.ArrayField(length, sf.IntField())

# This data is read-only (automatic detection).
data = '0a00010203040506070809'
data = sd.Data(bytes.fromhex(data))

# We will map structure A from offset 0 of data.
a = A(data, 0)

# Now we can play!
print('Complete struture:', a)
print('Length', a.length, a.length == 10, a.length['value'], sep=' | ')
print('Data:',,[0] == 0,[9] == 9, sep=' | ')

# If data is not read-only, we can modify values, but if we change length,
# data size is not affected yet (in TODO).
# example: a.length = 5 # changes the first byte to 5 instead of 10.

You can find some more examples in examples/ directory and a more complete file decoder in srddl/filetypes/ directory.


  • Structure unpacking, providing a lot of built-in fields, with advanced features like documentation, validity checking, ...
  • GUI Front-end aimed to render editing of structured file formats easy.


Since this is only a pre-alpha-in-development-tool, there is no real way to install it, though a is provided for easy install. I foster you to install it in development mode (python develop), to be able to fetch easily bug fixes with a simple git pull of the repository in your home :)