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MultiAgent Development Kit - MaDKit 5

Maven Central

MaDKit is an open source multiagent-based software written in Java.

MaDKit 5 is designed as a lightweight Java library for developing distributed applications and simulations using the multiagent paradigm.


  • Artificial agents creation and life cycle management
  • An organizational infrastructure for communication between agents, structuring the application
  • High heterogeneity in agent architectures: No predefined agent model
  • Multi-Agent based simulation and simulator authoring tools
  • Multi-agent based distributed application authoring facilities


In contrast to conventional approaches, which are mostly agent-centered, MaDKit follows an organization-centered approach (OCMAS): There is no predefnied agent model in MaDKit.

Especially, MaDKit does not enforce any consideration about the internal structure of agents, thus allowing a developer to freely implements its own agent architectures.

So, MaDKit is built upon the AGR (Agent/Group/Role) organizational model: Agents play roles in groups and thus create artificial societies.

Programming with MaDKit

Programming with MaDKit can be done by either :

For instance, with Gradle:

implementation "io.github.fmichel:MaDKit:5.x.y"

JDK 8+ is required.

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