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MetOLib provides implementation of API classes that may be used to request weather data from the Web Feature Service (WFS) server of the Finnish Meteorological Institute INSPIRE Atmospheric Features and Geographical Meteorological Features guidelines compatible WFS Download Service server at

The response is assumed to the wfs:FeatureCollection with one or more members of PointTimeSeriesObservation or GridSeriesObservation features of namespace The WfsRequestParser creates the WFS GetFeature request and parses the XML response into JS response object.

MetOLib folder structure

Root folder contains this and Grunt files that may be used to build different versions of MetOLib.

  • lib contains minified and combined MetOLib files that are provided as content that could be used for release versions. Also, a combined non-minified version is provided here for debugging purposes.
  • doc contains MetOLib documentation files that describe library components and give simple examples:
  • src contains actual MetOClient source files that may be used as a reference and are used to create release content into lib -folder. This repository builds with Webpack; any other bundler that supports ES6 can also be used. Also converting to RequireJS or AMD module syntax is possible.
  • examples contains examples of how to use MetOLib
  • test contains general test files to test lib files
  • testdeps contains thirdparty libraries that are used by MetOClient tests. Jasmine is used for test cases.


MetOLib works well with the major browsers.

But notice, Internet Explorer version 8 or greater is required for cross-domain requests to work properly with MetOLib.

Getting started