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Produc STAC catalogue files from cog files on s3
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This is a prototype utility to convert BEAM-DIMAP metadata into STAC items ( The resulting catalogs are in use at for demonstration

The tool has three parts:

  • - lists geotiff files on S3 and produces STAC items of them (items are written in the folder item/) for Sentinel 1 mosaics
  • - same as above, but for Sentinel 2 mosaics
  • - lists DIM files on S3 and produces STAC items of them (items are written in the folder item/) for S1 single images
  • - creates a stac catalog of the STAC items in folder item/ (catalog files are written in the folder catalog/)


The prototype is built using Python 3.6 and a bunch of other tools. Development was done on Ubuntu 18.04. The Python packages used are listed in requirements.txt.

GDAL 2.4.0 is also required (3.0.1 also works), for Ubuntu, you can install it using the UbuntuGIS PPA


You need to have a s3cmd configuration file with the right access keys and host_base configuration.

Sentinel 2 (same for S1 mosaics with s3_prefix sen1/s1m_grd

python3 -b pta --s3_prefix sen2/s2m --h_url --b_url

Sentinel 1 (dims)

python3 -b pta --s3_prefix sen1/s1_grd_meta_prep --h_url --b_url

If the s3cmd config file is not at $HOME/.s3cfg, you can specify the path to the file via the parameter --s3cfg.

Creating the catalog


Interesting things

There is a project for OL + COG that could provide an interesting viewer int he future:

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