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.:LAZYBOY:. Version 0.8.2

What is lazyboy?
- Lazyboy is a simple ruby script built to import sql data to couchdb. It allows you to customize
  your connection settings, development environments, and tables to import with configuration options
  that will be very familar to anyone who has ever developed a Rails application.

I've never used Rails or Ruby, is this still right for me?
- Probably! All you need to worry about is the configuration files. Just as long as you follow the
  steps below and use the examples in the config files you'll be fine.

What do I need to run this?
- Project Dependancies
  - Ruby 1.8.6 or higher.
  - ActiveRecord/ActiveSupport (tested with 2.3.2, but should work with any version higher than 2.1)
    - gem install activerecord -v 2.3.2
    - gem install activesupport -v 2.3.2
  - rest-client 1.0.3 to 1.6.0 supported
    - gem install rest-client -v 1.6.0

Let's back it up shall we. It's as easy as 1,2,3!

1. Set up your configuration files.
    - set BACKUP_MODELS in the config/environment.rb to contain every model you wish to back up. Make sure to use lowercasing and underscores.
    - set your database.yml file with your connection information.
    - set your couchdb.yml file with your DB name. Remember, this app is configured to have couch running on the same server as this script for now.
2. Run 'ruby lazyboy.rb'
    - you can optionally pass in "RAILS_ENV=" + any evironment you have defined in your database.yml and couchdb.yml file
3. There is no step 3.