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You can update NetBSD (BSD Unix) user-land partly using an apt/yum/dnf like utility e.g. run " full-upgrade" to catch up the latest stable. This system makes NetBSD user-land modular. It is based on basepkg (which concept is similar to FreeBSD PkgBase but independently developed).
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NetBSD modular userland distribution service

[English] [Japanese] for more details.

Latest Release: v0.5.0 (2018/03/11)

  • v0.5.0 make the broken build of some evb*-* though some remains as broken.
  • v0.4.0 master daemon controlls the whole processes now.
  • v0.3.0 support release mode for " -a" which enables bottom up build. It means you can build your own NetBSD from the minimum installation.

[CHANGES (see it for a little more details)]

What is this ?

You can update NetBSD userland to the NetBSD stable by running a command such as is a shell script used as a client to use basepkg packages. it is a wrapper of pkgsrc/pkgtools/pkgin and a reference implementation.


Just run " full-upgrade" on NetBSD 8.0 to upgrade it to the latest NetBSD 8.0 stable.

CAUTION: To avoid unexpected critical situation, currently "full-upgrade" do not upgrade kernel and /etc/. If you update "/etc/", do " install ETC-PACK-AGE" explicitly.

# full-upgrade

debug: PKG_PATH  =
debug: PKG_REPOS =

Running install with PRE-INSTALL for pkg_install-20180425.
Package pkg_install-20180425 registered in /var/db/pkg/pkg_install-20180425

Running install with PRE-INSTALL for pkgin-0.11.6.
Package pkgin-0.11.6 registered in /var/db/pkg/pkgin-0.11.6

  0% |                                   |     0       0.00 KiB/s    --:-- ETA
100% |***********************************|   435     967.66 KiB/s    00:00 ETA
435 bytes retrieved in 00:00 (608.60 KiB/s)
pkgin import /var/db/nbpkg/pkg_list2upgrade
reading local summary...
processing local summary...
processing remote summary (
downloading pkg_summary.gz: ...
calculating dependencies...done.

29 packages to install:
  base-cron-bin-8.0.20181123 base-ext2fs-root-8.0.20181123
  base-mk-share-8.0.20181123 base-netutil-bin-8.0.20181123
  base-netutil-root-8.0.20181123 base-nis-bin-8.0.20181123
  base-sysutil-bin-8.0.20181126 base-sysutil-root-8.0.20181123
  base-util-bin-8.0.20181123 base-util-root-8.0.20181123
  comp-c-include-8.0.20181123 comp-c-lib-8.0.20181129 comp-c-man-8.0.20181123
  comp-c-proflib-8.0.20181129 comp-cron-debug-8.0.20181123
  comp-ext2fs-debug-8.0.20181123 comp-netutil-debug-8.0.20181123
  comp-sys-man-8.0.20181123 comp-sysutil-debug-8.0.20181126
  comp-util-debug-8.0.20181123 man-ext2fs-man-8.0.20181123
  man-netutil-man-8.0.20181126 man-npf-man-8.0.20181123 man-pf-man-8.0.20181123
  man-sys-man-8.0.20181123 man-sysutil-man-8.0.20181123
  man-util-man-8.0.20181123 text-groff-share-8.0.20181123

0 to refresh, 0 to upgrade, 29 to install
62M to download, 221M to install

proceed ? [Y/n] y
downloading base-cron-bin-8.0.20181123.tgz ...
installing base-cron-bin-8.0.20181123...
pkg_install warnings: 0, errors: 0
reading local summary...
processing local summary...
marking xetc-sys-etc-8.0.20181123 as non auto-removable

# ls var/db/pkg
base-cron-bin-8.0.20181123              comp-netutil-debug-8.0.20181123
base-ext2fs-root-8.0.20181123           comp-sys-man-8.0.20181123
base-mk-share-8.0.20181123              comp-sysutil-debug-8.0.20181126
base-netutil-bin-8.0.20181123           comp-util-debug-8.0.20181123
base-netutil-root-8.0.20181123          man-ext2fs-man-8.0.20181123
base-nis-bin-8.0.20181123               man-netutil-man-8.0.20181126
base-sysutil-bin-8.0.20181126           man-npf-man-8.0.20181123
base-sysutil-root-8.0.20181123          man-pf-man-8.0.20181123
base-util-bin-8.0.20181123              man-sys-man-8.0.20181123
base-util-root-8.0.20181123             man-sysutil-man-8.0.20181123
comp-c-include-8.0.20181123             man-util-man-8.0.20181123
comp-c-lib-8.0.20181129                 pkg_install-20180425
comp-c-man-8.0.20181123                 pkgdb.byfile.db
comp-c-proflib-8.0.20181129             pkgin-0.11.6
comp-cron-debug-8.0.20181123            text-groff-share-8.0.20181123
comp-ext2fs-debug-8.0.20181123          xetc-sys-etc-8.0.20181123
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