A minimalistic MPD client with support for gnome-shell/notify-osd, dbus (multimedia keys)
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This is a minimalistic MPD client with support for the gnome-shell indication system and multimedia keys. It is easily configurable and can launch a more featured client when needed.

It depends on:

  • python-dbus (dbus-python in some systems)
  • python-notify
  • python-mpd
  • python-keybinder (not needed if using Gnome)

For its normal operation, indimpc requires a notifications daemon, hopefully with support for action-icons, body-markup and persistence (gnome-shell is recommended). If there is no instance of gnome-settings-daemon running, it will fallback to python-keybinder to grab the multimedia keys.


You must copy the indimpc.rc file included to ~/.config/indimpc'. To connect to mpd via a socket, you must provide the full socket path as host.

indimpc has recently included some support for guake commands. For it to work, you must patch /usr/lib/guake/dbusiface.py with the guake.patch file provided.

Felipe Morales, hel.sheep@gmail.com

vie jul 8 22:11:08 CLT 2011