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a quick notetaking plugin
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A quick notetaking plugin for vim.

It offers a similar way of managing notes to the one made popular by tools like Notational Velocity, where file management is removed from the notetaking workflow, being replaced by searching and sorting facilities, and where the creation and searching of notes is integrated.

Notes in vim-pad are free-form; in fact it tries to make it easy to use any format you want. It works great along other plugins like VimOutliner and quicktask.

IMPORTANT: vim-pad requires +python and +conceal support from vim. Check if the flags are enabled in :version. Currently, it also requires either a grep with perl regexes support or ack, which might not be the case under OSX. Windows is not supported.





  • master contains the released version of the plugin.

  • devel contains the development version of the plugin.

Pull requests are to be done over devel. When submitting a bug, please tag the affected versions.

Configuration and Usage

IMPORTANT: you must set the g:pad#dir variable to a valid path. It is recommended to use an empty folder for this.

For the full documentation, please consult

:help vim-pad

If you have vim-tutor-mode, you can read a tutorial on using vim-pad with

:Tutor vim-pad
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