A graphical user interface for editing SCXML finite state machines.
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This is an attempt to build a graphical user interface for editing SCXML finite state machines.

We are using the JGraphX library as a base and we started by modifying the graph editor application included as an example with JGraphX.

Main features:

  • edit of scxml networks
  • support for src and xi:include
  • search function using Apache Lucene
  • autolayout and possibility to save manual layout
  • export to DOT (graphviz) format
  • scxml listener that highlights and logs events as they happen during the finite state machine execution. (see https://github.com/fmorbini/scxmlgui/blob/master/extra/MySCXMLListener.java as an example of an Apache scxml listener class that sends the proper messages to the editor)

A short guide is available.

Main issues/TODOs: see the Issues tab.

  • Please consider contributing to the code when submitting an issue, as i have very limited time to work on this project and help is appreciated. Thanks!

To test: execute the latest jar (requires at least Java 1.6) https://github.com/fmorbini/scxmlgui/blob/master/extra/fsm-editor.jar

To compile: cd in the root directory (trunk) and run "ant".

Here some screenshots:

Editor window for edge properties:

edge editing

Context menu to select edit operations on a node:

node menu

The find tool in action:

find tool