Some helper classes/traits to easy the use of named comet actors
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This library/module was integrated into Lift core on version 2.5. I hope to write an upgrade doc soon, but in the meantime,

the file names you'll need to use are:

NamedCometActorSnippet.scala  //have your snippet (the ones that adds the comet to the page) extend this
NamedCometActorTrait.scala //have your comet class extend this
NamedCometListener.scala //this is the singleton with useful methods to get the list of comet actors


This project is a library that aims at making the use of named comet actors in Lift a little easier.


On your lift project you can add the dependency as:

resolvers ++= Seq("snapshots" at "",
                "releases"  at "")

libraryDependencies ++= Seq("com.fmpwizard" %% "lift-named-comet" % "0.3")

For a sample project using this library visit: Lift Auction


You can read this blog post to which describes how to use it:: fmpwizard's blog


  • You can have a CometActor of the same class, but different instances of it on different tabs.
  • Only the CometActor that is going to update the Ui is going to get a message.
  • You can send messages to a CometActor from other sessions (including stateless RESTful end points.
  • When a CometActor has not been present on a page after a defined lifespan, it is removed from the central registry.
  • Hides the whole implementation so the user can focus on the CometActor functionality.