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package com.fmpwizard.code
package lib
import net.liftweb._
import util._
import actor._
import common.Logger
import comet._
import comet.MyListeners._
import snippet.cometName
class WorkerLiftActor extends LiftActor with Logger{
private var doneMessage= DoneMessage("name", "Asheville", "North Carolina")
def createUpdate = doneMessage
override def messageHandler = {
* Go through the the list of actors and send them a cellToUpdate message
case DoneMessage(name, city, state) => {
doneMessage = DoneMessage(name, city, state)
* Here we pretend to do some
* intensive work that takes about
* 5 seconds
listenerFor(name) match {
case a: LiftActor => info("LiftActor is done, do the update! %s".format(name)); a ! doneMessage
case _ => info("No actor to send an update")
case x => "I don't know what to do with this message: %s".format(x)