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package com.fmpwizard.code
package snippet
import scala.xml.NodeSeq
import net.liftweb._
import util._
import actor._
import http._
import Helpers._
import common.{Full, Logger, Box, Empty, Failure}
object cometName extends RequestVar[Box[String]](Empty)
* This object adds a ComeActor of type Myliftactor with a name == random string
* This allows having multiple tabs open displaying data for different contexts
object PlaceCometOnPage extends Logger{
def render(xhtml: NodeSeq): NodeSeq = {
val id = Helpers.nextFuncName
info("The current cometActor name is %s".format( match {
case Empty => cometName.set(Full(id))
case _ => Unit
info("The current cometActor name is %s".format(
* You can set the id of the comet actor to be something you know the
* value in advance. Using something like S.param("query_param")
* or using the Menu.Param technique
//val id= "notifier" + S.param("q")
info("Using CometActor with name: %s".format(
for (sess <- S.session) sess.sendCometActorMessage("Myliftactor",,
<lift:comet type="Myliftactor" name={"noName")}>{xhtml}</lift:comet>