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Different Lift examples that I publish on my blog at


#Install required components

Install node using your operating system package management.

Then: (you may need to run them as sudo)

$ npm install -g grunt
$ npm install -g grunt-cli
$ npm install -g bower

#Getting the resources build dependencies

At the root of the project, run:

$ npm install

Running npm install reads the file package.json and gets all the dependecies it needs and puts them in the node_modules folder.

Now let's get the javascript/css dependencies.

$ bower install

This step will read the bower.json file and add the dependencies to the bower_components/ folder.

#Initial workflow

Once you have the setup in place, we need to do the initial build of the resources (javascript, css anf font files). This is why we use Grunt. So go ahead and run this on the terminal:

$ grunt

This will run:

  • jshint: this task will look for code errors on your javascript files, things like unused variables, missing semicolons, etc
  • requirejs: this task will minify your js files and the dependencies (like jquery, bootstrap.js, etc) and it will concatenate them into src/main/webapp/static/dist/main.min.js
  • cssmin: It will minify and concatenate your css files (including bootstrap files) and produce src/main/webapp/static/dist/main.min.css
  • copy: this task will copy the bootstrap fonts files to src/main/webapp/static/fonts/

#Normal workflow

While you are developing your application, you can run

$ grunt watch

And this task will watch for changes on your css/js files and run the minification and concatenation automatically. This step may take some time. If the time it takes is too long, you could modify the Gruntfile.js file not to run the minification/uglifycation step during dev mode. Future versions of this template will provide that.


Feel free to email us on the Lift mailing list at!forum/liftweb


Different Lift examples that I publish on my blog at







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