Angular filter to orderBy objects of objects in ngRepeat loops
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Angular orderObjectBy filter


This filter was created by Justin Klemm because the default Angular orderBy filter fails to sort properly Objects of Objects in the context of ngRepeat.


Install as Bower dependency: bower install angular-order-object-by.

Include on your Angular module's dependencies:

angular.module('YourModule', ['ngOrderObjectBy'])

Then, in your application views:

    <li ng-repeat="object in objects | orderObjectBy: 'criteria' : direction">...</li>

Thanks to @diegou work now sorting by children's sudocument's properties is supported:

    <li ng-repeat="object in objects | orderObjectBy: 'property.criteria' : direction">...</li>

For an example see test/index.html.


You need karma, karma-cli, karma-jasmine, phantomjs, karma-phantom-js-launcher and angular-mocks in order to run the tests.

karma start karma.conf.js


Feel free to fork, and submit your pull requests using a feature branch on your fork.

Don't forget to add tests! 😉