benchmark problems for research in formal methods for robotics
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The fmrbenchmark repository is part of a project to develop benchmark problems for research in so-called formal methods for robotics. This effort is stimulated by competitions, and the main website is

Topical README files are provided in some directories. For example, domains/dubins_traffic/ In the documentation, $FMRBENCHMARK represents an absolute path to your copy of the fmrbenchmark repository.

Summary of organization

  • doc/ : Documentation sources, including benchmark APIs, the User's Guide, and competition rules.

  • domains/ : Problem domains, e.g., domains/integrator_chains/ contains code for the scaling chains of integrators setting.

  • tools/fmrb-pkg/ : Python package providing code for both common and domain-specific needs.

  • examples/ : contains example controllers and other demonstrations. An introduction to the examples is given below.

  • remote/ : scripts, configurations, etc. for running some or all of the benchmarks and supporting infrastructure remotely.


The directory doc/ contains sources for several components of documentation.

If the appropriate tools are installed, as noted above, then go to the desired directory and run make.


There is a ROS meta-package for each problem domain that has name of the form DOMDIR_examples, where the "DOMDIR" is the name of the directory under domains/ dedicated to that problem domain (benchmark).


This is free software released under the terms of [the BSD 3-Clause License] ( There is no warranty; not even for merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Consult LICENSE for copying conditions.


There are many ways to contribute. Below is a summary. There is also a more detailed page in the User's Guide. All participation should follow our code of conduct.

Outside contributions should be submitted according to the fork-and-pull-request workflow to facilitate a public record of review and discussion. When doing so is not appropriate or not easily possible, other media are welcome, e.g., sending patches via email.

All contributions must be under the standard "BSD 3-clause license" or a comparable open-source license.