Scraper written in Clojure using Enlive that publishes data to Google Calendar
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Baza is a scraper for data from that publishes to Google Calendar. The code was written as a (pro bono) late night hacking project to help the staff at Museum Beelden aan Zee make their internal schedule available through Google Calendar. This means that the application itself is only relevant to Museum Beelden aan Zee (and possibily other users), but the source code is available to other developers who are working on Google Calendar integration or Enlive scraping in Clojure. As a late night hacking project this application wasn't written with elegant example code in mind. The unit tests in particular are a bit lacking (only the functional part of the code is covered), because I felt the use case didn't warrant writing extensive mocks of Google Data API or scraping results from Enlive. That being said, I hope the code will be useful to someone working on a similar project.


As a user, you only need to download the file baza.jar (which includes all required libraries) and store it somewhere on your filesystem (e.g. ~/bin in your homedirectory on UNIX or C:\ on Windows). Clojure uses the Java Virtual Machine as a host platform, so a copy of the JVM is required to run the application.

Usage instructions

There is no graphical interface because the application is intended to be usable in a server environment. The best way to run it is through a UNIX cronjob or alternatively a "Scheduled Task" on Windows (I don't have access to a Windows machine for testing, but it seems like there is a good description of the process on the relevant Microsoft Support page).

Here is the command to execute the application:

java -jar /path/to/baza.jar --google-username "" --google-password "your.password" --calendar-uri "" --mp-username "username" --mp-password "password" --mp-uri ""

Nota bene: the line breaks were added for readability and should be removed; the command itself is one big line! The options are separated by spaces. When copy and pasting, make sure these spaces are preserved (otherwise the application will return an "Unknown option" error).

To use the application you should edit the command and add your own login for and Google Calendar. The "/path/to/baza.jar" value should be changed to reflect the location of the file on your filesystem (e.g. ~/bin/baza.jar on UNIX or C:\baza.jar on Microsoft Windows).

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Copyright 2011, F.M. (Filip) de Waard ( Distributed under the Apache License, version 2.0.