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2013-03-11 Felix Nagel <>
1.0.1 released (no changes required)
* fixed: requirements as needed for planned TYPO3 TER cleanup
2013-01-26 Felix Nagel <>
1.0.0 released (you need to clear all caches)
* added: add possibility to change the on ready callback signature of jQuery, thx to Thomas Juhnke, see
2012-11-26 Felix Nagel <>
* improved: t3editor integration in BE, now code language aware (at least for PHP, CSS, JS, TS, XML)
* removed: old t3editor integration files (EXT:typoscript_code)
* improved: BE layout title
* fixed: CGL
* added: inline TODO comments
* removed: outdated documentation pdf
* fixed: copyright year
2012-09-06 Felix Nagel <>
0.8.4 released (no changes required)
* changed: tested with TYPO3 6.0.0 beta1
* removed: deprecated functions
* changed: extension state set to stable
2012-08-25 Felix Nagel <>
* changed: files and inline code is now added using pageRenderer functions
* changed: TYPO3 4.3 is now minimal requirement
2011-05-30 Felix Nagel <>
0.8.3 released (no changes required)
* fixed: re-enabled t3editor in BE for TYPO 4.5.x, thx to EXT:typoscript_code
2011-05-26 Felix Nagel <>
0.8.2 released (no changes required)
* added: API documentation (EXT:boc_apiexample)
* fixed: small issue when using API
2011-03-13 Felix Nagel <>
0.8.1 released (no changes required)
* fixed: disabled t3editor in BE for TYPO 4.5
2011-01-14 Felix Nagel <>
0.8 released (no changes required)
* added: API
* improved: BE preview
2011-01-07 Felix Nagel <>
* fixed: t3editor follow-up
* fixed: missing parameter class instance (errors in sys log)
* removed: REAMDE.txt
* updated: documentation
2010-12-26 Felix Nagel <>
* added: t3editor syntax highlighting in BE
* fixed: small locallang issue (German)
* updated: documentation
2010-11-25 Felix Nagel <>
0.7.1 released (no changes required)
* added: Typoscript brush for v3
* fixed: jQueryNoConflict has no effect, thx to Jürgen Furrer
* updated: documentation
2010-11-06 Felix Nagel <>
0.7.0 released (big one, changes required)
* added: non-jquery support
* removed: extension manager settings
* added: options fpr standalone version
* updated: SyntaxHighlighter to v3
* updated: documentation
* added: default CSS code
2010-11-05 Felix Nagel <>
0.6.3 released (no changes required)
* fixed: changlog and upload comment
2010-11-05 Felix Nagel <>
0.6.2 released (no changes required)
* fixed: error in constant editor (tenmplate file path)
* fixed: TS config defaults does not work
2010-10-05 Felix Nagel <>
* fixed: constant is not used
2010-10-05 Felix Nagel <>
0.6.1 released (no changes required except you're using XCLASS)
* added: hooks to add custom JS and template marker
* changed: updated screenshots in doc
* added: Doc FAQ: error solution
* added: Doc Tutorial: how to add a template marker
* fixed: missing config templateFile var in doc
2010-09-03 Felix Nagel <>
0.6.0 released (small changes required)
* added: it's now possible to use HTML templates
* changed: renamed to showLabel
* changed: TYPO3 API instead of homemade functions
* fixed: errors in changelog
* removed: config "label.wrap" and "wrap" as its not longer needed
* added: upgrade guide in documentation
2010-08-11 Felix Nagel <>
0.5 released (no changes required)
* added: forge account
* added: configurable language strings
* added: jQuery selector TS option to improve FE performance
* fixed: TYPO4 4.2.x compability
* fixed: t3lib_page is not found (thx to Kai Vogel)
* changed: improved manual
* changed: updated to lastest beautyOfCode script (slightly modified to support language strings)
* changed: improved HTML output
* removed: unnecessary pi_loadLL() (we dont need a language file in FE) which caused error in TYPO3 4.2.x
2010-08-09 Felix Nagel <>
* fixed: english language strings in pi1 (thx to Kai Vogel)
* changed: function declaration from privat to public
* fixed: XCLASS should work now (see above) (thx to Kai Vogel)
2010-07-09 Felix Nagel <>
0.4.1 released (no changes required)
* added: line highlight range
* fixed: forgotten debug (wrong file in 0.4.0 TER release)
2010-07-08 Felix Nagel <>
0.4.0 released (no changes required)
* changed: updated manual
2010-07-05 Felix Nagel <>
* fixed: handling of non latin characters, thx to Андрей А.
* changed: better error handling
* fixed: check for static template works again
* added: check if extension manager config is set
* fixed: PHP warning cause of missing stdwrap parameter
* fixed: wrong install description in doc
2010-06-25 Felix Nagel <>
0.3.2 released (no changes required)
2010-06-24 Felix Nagel <>
* fixed: changed absolute path to relative (beautyOfCode.js), thx to Pascal
2010-06-23 Felix Nagel <>
0.3.1 released (no changes required)
* added: possibility to change Extension Manager config via TS
* added: new version of beautyof code jQuery Plugin
* fixed: noConflict prob cause of:, thx to Pascal
* fixed: small typos
* fixed: empty label tag
* changed: TYPO3 API instead of homemade functions
* fixed: PHP warning cause of wrong usage of strlen
* fixed: PHP warning cause of missing substr parameter
* added: syslog notice
2010-04-20 Felix Nagel <>
0.3.0 released (no changes required)
* added: CSS configuration to overwrite TS in single FCE
* added: tested with jQuery 1.4.x
* added: some documentation
2010-04-11 Felix Nagel <>
* added: ce wizard for easyier plugin usage
* changed: remanufactured (to bring in some OOP)
* added: error message when static template is not included
* changed: description is now up to 200 characters long
* changed: Frontend Plugin now displays the description or some code snippet
2010-03-07 Felix Nagel <>
0.2.1 released
* fixed: t3jquery support finally works completely; again big thank to J. Furrer
* added: XCLASS in addFields class
2010-03-06 Felix Nagel <>
0.2.0 released
* added: jQuery noConflict for use with other JS frameworks; thanks to J. Furrer
* added: option to choose if jQuery should be added
* added: some documentation in sourcecode
* changed: headerdata handling (only small changes)
* added: some documentation
2010-02-16 Felix Nagel <>
* fixed: (hopefully) t3jquery support; thanks to J. Furrer
2010-02-07 Felix Nagel <>
0.1.3 released
* added: caching flexform select options when using multiple fce's
2010-02-07 Felix Nagel <>
0.1.2 released
* fixed: render problem in manual
2010-02-06 Felix Nagel <>
0.1.1 released
* fixed: actionsscript code is working now
* added: documentation
* added: Typoscript brush
* added: this changelog
2010-01-29 Felix Nagel <>
0.1.0 released
* Initial release, documentation in work (really!)
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