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A fork of jQuery UI: WIP branches, legacy Selectmenu Widget (branch: selectmenu) and an accessible version of jQuery UI Tabs (outdated, branch: tabs accessability)
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A fork of jQuery UI to push development of some plug-ins. Please check branch selectmenu and tabs-accessibility.

You are currently in the selectmenu branch.

This is an improved version of the jQuery UI selectmenu widget originally developed by Scott (filament group):

Latest: (jQuery 1.8.x / UI 1.9.x)
Current stable: (jQuery 1.8.3 / UI 1.9.2)
Old stable: (jQuery 1.8.2 / UI 1.8.24)
Old stable: (jQuery 1.7.2 / UI 1.8.20)
Old stable: (jQuery 1.6.4 / UI 1.8.17)

Please use GitHub issues for bug tracking and take a look at the Wiki at:
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