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"focus" doesn't bubble #241

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What am I missing? The code seems to depend on focus bubbling from the anchor inside each list item to the item itself.. but as of at least jQuery 1.6 that doesn't happen. By subclassing the widget and adding a focus handler to each anchor that triggers "focus" on it's parent the widget works perfectly. But otherwise behaves pretty broken.


Ähh yes. I have no idea what you are talking about. What about a problem description with more than 3 words? Or a line about how to reproduce this? Or the relevant browsers?

See #61


Tks - sorry I didn't see #61. See the jsfiddle I had posted above, that duplicates the issue and includes an example fix. I will add a pull request shortly. This affects all browsers.


Please see pull request #247:


That includes a unit test that duplicates the issue and the patch that fixes the issue.


Am I right that this issue is directly related to #240?
The problem is that the focus is not set to the link, but it does in previous commits (commits using jQuery 1.6.x), right?

Why didn't you use the prepared fiddle? Like


I would prefer to understand why the focus doesnt bubble as with jQuery 1.6.x and I think this is not a clean solution. But, after all, it works pretty nice :-)

@fnagel fnagel pushed a commit that referenced this issue
Aeron Glemann fixed: "focus" doesn't bubble, see #241 397e986

The last unit test you created fails.


Sorry, I posted my jsfiddle before you posted the reference to #61 that included the jsfiddle template.

I agree this solution is hacky. I'd prefer to either trigger all events on the LI or add all the listeners to the A. I'll put together a better fix. Which Browser/Ver/OS did the last test fail on? (ironic i'm asking this).


No problem, it just had been easier.

I think it would be most suitable if the focus is handled within the anchors, as native lis wont get focus.

Ive tested in latest FF.

Please note I roughly cleaned my branch to get rid of unneded files.


Any feedback on this issue?


Will get this push request by EOD tomorrow... been swamped.


Please see this pull request:


Includes tests that have have passed in Safari, Chrome, FF, IE7/8.

@fnagel fnagel pushed a commit that closed this issue
Aeron Glemann #241
Updated jquery.simulate.js to latest
Fixed broken path in tests/jquery.js
Updated test to not use jquery.simulate for keypress (simulate was failing, not the test)
Fixed #241 in jquery.ui.selectmenu.js
Added the option object as optional parameter to formatText
@fnagel fnagel closed this in 3a751b7
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