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Call for real world examples! #60

fnagel opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Please post some real world examples. They will be added in the Wiki as demos.

Thanks and happy posting!


Not exactly a real world example,
but please see:

in the real world, in the second half 2011.


Clean up and push!

Any news on the real world example?


I apologize for not answer before.
I don't have no real case to be shown in the demo.
The plugin will be used in projects: TMS and WMS.
They are confidential applications of customer. I can't put on demo.


Just a note: I'm currently actively developing here, so things will likely change/break rapidly. In addition, I'm using a fluid width layout here so I'm planning on tweaking the source here and there to allow for changing window widths (probably boils down to recalculating the menu width- skimming through the source I think the width is calculated on init() and then never changes).

The scrollbar issue I mentioned in #147 was "something" in my form css. This is a side-project of mine and I've previously been playing with styling the default select; something there boogered the scrollbar. I'm not curious enough to properly investigate that though. =)

Thanks again for a fantastic plugin. So far it's been working beautifully and its been very easy to integrate & adapt. =)



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