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Tested with IE6, FF10 and Chrome16.

and others added some commits Aug 6, 2010

@fnagel init: fork of latest jQuery UI with selectmenu from http://jquery-ui.…

added: *.db to gitignore (Im using Windows)
added: readme for gitHub
@fnagel make selectmenu usable with jQuery UI 1.8.x
fixed: move defaults to options
changed: _init to _create
changed: _uiHash to work again
@fnagel fixed: newelement can be null under unclear circumstances in IE8 (thx…
… to Adrian Grigore)
@fnagel fixed: whitespace in the optgroupname must be replaced, otherwise the…
… li of existing optgroups are never found (thx to Adrian Grigore)
@fnagel fixed: positioning problems when placing selectbox at the very bottom
fixed: positioning  problems when resizing window
@fnagel changed: delete defaults (will not work < jQuery UI 1.8x.x) e55565a
@fnagel changed: readme 10f0c72
@fnagel fixed: loop issue when using noConflict mode 3ca72cd
@fnagel changed: readme file eee89b6
@fnagel changed: its late: corrected a typo 0736dd8
@fnagel fixed: removed and added semicolon cb1568a
@fnagel fixed: remove click event 8b271ae
@fnagel fixed: follow up for jQuery UI 1.8.x conformance, thx to Andreas, see h… 7b040af
@fnagel added: check if there's enough room to expand to the bottom, otherwis…
…e expand to top

fixed: improved performance of _refreshPosition
@fnagel removed: support of up and down arrow keys as these throw errors in a…
…ll browsers
@fnagel removed: follow up to:…
…d9042c95508d04cfa6d96d8e426657e23523 unnecessary _refreshPosition with timeout
@fnagel fixed: destroy method, thx to Jörn zaefferer, see…

added: comment for previous commit
@fnagel fixed: problem with ID attr to ensure usage of a unique ID., thx to f… ededb3a
@fnagel added: disable and ajax demo b582c96
@fnagel Merge branch 'master' into selectmenu b4f771e
@fnagel changed: improved disable demo
changed: updated to latest jquery-ui master branch
@fnagel updated: index.html with new demos 9cf8b66
@fnagel added: link to bug 6740e08
@fnagel fixed: no hover when widget is disabled, thx to mad-doctor, see http:… cf66dd4
@fnagel fixed: small typo
added: demo with spaces in optgroup label
@fnagel added: non working single option disabled demo ef4077d
@fnagel fixed: widget placed a the very top of a page, thx to phazei 95d115d
@fnagel fixed: removed default case for keyboard control as its steals keyboa…
…rd control form user, thx to phazei
@fnagel added: added some info to the readme file cf157ef
@fnagel fixed: issue with jQuery UI dialog (added z-index) d6c4391
@fnagel added: link to wiki (readme file) d8e4a5d
@fnagel Added: better (background) image support, see… 8bf0ec2
@fnagel fixed: keyboard control, THX to bluefox, see… c6f6b67
@fnagel fixed: blocked ALT or F5 when focus the "fake" select, THX phazei for… a4240f7
@fnagel fixed: updated demo files 226b659
@fnagel updated: positioning functionality is now based upon position plugin,…
… this shopuld fix a few issues, see

updated: demos
added: positioning demo
@fnagel fixed: positioning issue
added: default max height based upon the viewport height
@fnagel fixed: default max height only when address format is not defined 9e64b8f
@fnagel updated: demos c7c4288
@fnagel fixed: missing semicolon 1cdd753
@fnagel Updated core files form jQuery UI repo (to jQuery 1.4.4)
Merge commit 'fce1f97f7677f29cc8ba7b146e67799027cf1995' into selectmenu
@fnagel updated: files to jQuery 1.4.4
fixed: small bug hwn using jQuery 1.4.4, THX to michaelcaplan, see
@fnagel fixed: problem when selectmenu is positioned at the very top / bottom…
… of a site
@fnagel removed: unnecessary refreshPosition in value method 158a966
@fnagel fixed: selectmenu widget now works correct with jQuery UI dialog wide… 58085b4
@fnagel added: some more demo files cc6290c
@fnagel fixed: focus problem when toggle menu, thx to phazei for reporting th… 8f802c9
@fnagel added: improved index and value methods, if you used value method in …
…your scripts please see

fixed: forgotten console debug
@fnagel fixed: tab issue in Opera, thx to phazei, see… 50d8199
@fnagel added: option to wrap all added elements which allows us to use diffe…
…rent jQuery UI themes, see

added: nicer themeswitcher test implementation
@fnagel added: possibility to refresh from original select element, please see
… for usage, please test and report feedback as this feature needed major refactoring

fixed: problem when manually selecting an option from original select element
fixed: demo wrapper class
@fnagel fixed: issue when resizing window, thx to crob611, see https://github… ecbf017
@gcko gcko dding in the ability to disable an option by passing in the particula…
…r index of the option you want to disabl

e. This change is backwards compatible, so if you don't want to use this feature it will not affect any of your existing code or coding practices.

Enhancements include:
* Ability to disable an option
* Key events correctly skip disabled option
* Styling for disabled options
* Change and select events ignore disabled option
* index function correctly ignores disabled option
* disable and enable function call _setOption, keeping code modular
@fnagel added: display-inline (selectmenus side-by-side) support for modern b…
…rowsers, works for all but FF2, see

changed: height of the widget to match jQuery UI button height
fixed: small margin issue for background image example
@fnagel fixed: small follow-up for refresh functionality
fixed: cleaned background image demo
fixed: small follow-up to height of the widget to match jQuery UI button height
@fnagel problems with Git 69d3140
@gcko gcko Merge remote branch 'upstream/selectmenu' into selectmenu
@fnagel fixed: IE6 is not able to display the border with transparent color. … a63fb4e
@fnagel changed: namespaced all events
fixed: fixed destroy method, added unbind resize, thx to crob611, see
@fnagel fixed: destroy method: wrapperElement option e552ead
@fnagel added: link to wiki in js file 914aad4

Variable o is undefined at this point.

There needs to be a declaration: var o = this.options


fnagel replied Dec 24, 2010

Thanks, fixed!

This will unbind the window and document events for all selectmenu's, not just the one you are destroying. This could cause some unintended results.


fnagel replied Dec 24, 2010

Any idea who to fix this? Namespace the event with an uique ID?

and others added some commits Dec 24, 2010

@fnagel fixed: destroy method, thx to crob611, see fnagel@e552ead 5fd470e
@thg2k thg2k White space fixes to improve readability and JQueryUI coding standards
 - Expanded inline if(cond){stmts;} to multiple lines
 - Added various white space and newlines
 - Fixed indentantion
@fnagel follow-up: removed comments, please report bugs GitHUb issues a94d5b6
@fnagel fixed: minor code bugfixes, thx to chrispatterson, see https://github… 5cc6cb6
@fnagel fixed: disable / enable in select callback demo 83a15c7
@fnagel added: sequencial typeahead, thx to arzynik, see arzynik@5df784f e9736b3
@fnagel fixed: issue with window resize event, thx to saus, see https://githu…

fixed: deleted console.log()
@fnagel updated: some comments 05f7c61
@fnagel fixed: Problem with YUI compressor cause of wrong named var, thx to T… 14756d9
@fnagel fixed: removed useless _refreshPosition, thx to juzna, see https://gi… bf6fc20
@fnagel fixed: deleted console.log 77c85d7
@fnagel fixed: vertical alignment, thx to revsystems, see… efcd9a0
@fnagel updated: value method to make sure we have a clean API for v1.1 1e623b9
@fnagel fixed: temp fix for typeahead issue in IE, see… 1e07175
@fnagel fixed: problem with UTF-8 non-english chars as optgroup labels 7624538
@fnagel improved: full disable / enable functionality for select, option, opt… 58b3f2c
@fnagel fixed: problem with manual focus, thx to keizie, see: https://github.… 14bda14
@fnagel fixed: changed CSS from visibility to display, see:… 40b8920
@fnagel fixed: problem within moveFocus method, thanks to i2amsam, see fnagel#99
@fnagel fixed: problem with focus and positioning in IE on slow machines, tha…
…nks to greenish, see fnagel#94
@fnagel fixed: keyboards loop issue, thanks to gcko, see fnagel#89 61a0844
@fnagel fixed: hover for disabled options, see fnagel#103 478749c
@fnagel fixed: small bug when using method disable with parameter 0, thx to s…
…cottriding, see fnagel#93
@fnagel fixed: select option when tabbing out of opened menu, thx to mjt5v, see 63c72c2
@fnagel fixed: follow-up fix for disabling / enabling functionality, thx to g…
…cko fro reporting, see fnagel#105

fixed: small issue in disable_enable.html demo file
@fnagel deleted: useless refresh position in method open, see fnagel#76 94d614b
@fnagel fixed: IE typeAhead problem, thx @bergerb, fnagel#57 d76aeef
@fnagel Merge commit '1.8.13' into selectmenu 6347f52
@fnagel updated: to jQuery UI 1.8.13 (based upon jQuery 1.5.1) 07d40b8
@amay amay add collision option to position call 3a54e03
@gcko gcko merging e2c4a3c
@gcko gcko Adding in recursion for moveSelection and moveFocus 9e57e43
@fnagel Merge pull request #119 from gcko/selectmenu
Adding recursion for moveSelection and moveFocus
@fnagel Merge pull request #117 from substantial/selectmenu
add collision option to position call
@fnagel improved: width handling for list and newelement ed77e04
@trollixx trollixx Support for non-Latin typeahead 566f58f
@fnagel Merge pull request #114 from trollixx/selectmenu
Support for non-Latin typeahead
@fnagel improved: background image demo 9b45fb5
@fnagel fixed: IE7 css problem, see fnagel#121 f21969a
@fnagel fixed: issue with z-index, thx to juja, see: fnagel#95 b1cf462
@thg2k thg2k running through sed 's/[ \t]*$//' to clean trailing spaces 23de8de
@thg2k thg2k fixed indentation 6df9fa7
@fnagel Merge pull request #126 from thg2k/fnagel-selectmenu-clean
Cleaning up indent and white space
@fnagel fixed: disable / enable issue when reinit (refresh) selectmenu
fixed: mousedown/mouseup listener was bind multiple times when widget was reinitialized
both thx to czindel, see fnagel#125
@fnagel revert: problems with popup style in multiple browsers because of thi…
…s pull request: fnagel#94
@fnagel prepare tag v1.1.0 ef29b6b
@fnagel push tag and change comment 0138aef
@fnagel fixed: problem (mainly in <= IE7) when select has no id, thx Ryzo and…
… cburgdorf, see: fnagel#101
@fnagel fixed: some issue with height and refresh, thx to trollix, see: fnage… b2d0248
@fnagel added: demo files refresh, overlay and typeahead 519b264
@fnagel fixed: problem with height and maxHeight, generally improved height h…

removed: unneeded code
@fnagel some code clean up 17fc2e9
@fnagel fixed: disabled optgroup options receive focus, thx to gcko, see fnag… 0852cea
@fnagel fixed: disabled Selectmenu receives focus on tab, thx to gcko, see fn… e519c34
@fnagel added: empty select support dfec00b
@netson netson Edited ui/jquery.ui.selectmenu.js via GitHub d35924e
@fnagel Merge pull request #145 from Netson/patch-1
Minor optimization
@fnagel fixed: optimize element creation
fixed: wrapper element is now fixed, fixes: fnagel#80
@fnagel fixed: hopefully some issues with positioning and jumping, see: fnage… eaef468
@fnagel fixed: problem with disabled transfer, THX to Dimitri B., via email ec61214
@fnagel changed: code quality, missing semicolon 80be9a2
@fnagel changed: code cleanup 029b085
@fnagel fixed: code quality 236de0a
@fnagel changed: li element creation, thx to @lephyrius, see selectOptionData…
…[ i ].disabled
@fnagel fixed: zIndex, follow up to #147, thx to @viskenxp, see: fnagel#151 ea470f6
@fnagel fixed: problem when hiding first option by css, thx to @RobertSheaO, …
…see #152
@fnagel fixed: disable tab index when init from disabled select, thx to @gcko,…
… see #136
@fnagel fixed: jumping in IE9, follow up to #147, see #154, thx to @Ninkasi 5472925
@fnagel fixed: toggle dropdown when icon is clicked, related to #147, thx to @… c0d82e4
@fnagel fixed: nsufficient right padding for .ui-selectmenu-status, thx to @j… b914da6
@betalb betalb This is proposed fix for #158 f90d720
@fnagel fixed: resize now forces a close the list, follow-up #147 b307c00
@fnagel improved: selector, thx to @Ninkasi ce7e657
@fnagel Merge commit '1.8.16' into selectmenu 1399f89
@fnagel added: demo compatibility to jQuery 1.6.2 33cb241
@fnagel fixed: problem with unusual chars in selector, thx to @dominicgamble 0703a99
@fnagel improved: id handling (follow-up), destroy method a26f7ed
@fnagel id handling (follow-up), thx to @thg2k, see #176 4649f04
@fnagel fixed: destroy function (window event follow-up) c9f281c
@fnagel fixed: destroy method (issue with window event), thx to @thg2k, see #177
@thg2k thg2k New sequential typeahead implementation which supports both prefix ma…
…tching and first letter cycling. The no longer useful 'typeAhead' option now became the default delay given for the type ahead
@fnagel improved: label event handling (backport of new version, see #140) 7a22385
@fnagel fixed: zIndex when using dialog (new version backport) 9c390a3
@fnagel fixed: unneeded close when init widget ce7e930
@fnagel added: dialog.html demo file b712d9c
@fnagel fixed: problem with flickering / jumping (see: #147) 2f8eb7d
@fnagel fixed: problem with flickering / jumping (follow-up) 1b775fd
@fnagel Merge pull request #181 from thg2k/selectmenu-typeahead
New sequential typeahead implementation
@fnagel some code cleanup 0dbcbbc
@fnagel Release version 1.2.0 0f63b4b
@fnagel mark file as dev version d80f57b
@captbaritone captbaritone Fixed link to methods.html. Used to be "method.php" 868fed6
@fnagel Merge pull request #192 from captbaritone/patch-1
Fixed link to methods.html. Used to be "method.php"
@tschettler tschettler Fix for IE8 focus issue when using duplicate selectmenu functions 42391d7
@fnagel added: feature for html escaping, see #131 98d0dbc
@fnagel improved: menu height calculation and collision detection, thx to @Cito
… , see #189
@fnagel improved: keyboard control and focus / hover handling, thx to @trollix
…& @netcelli, see #122 & #205
@fnagel fixed: code clean-up and small improvements af2d0e6
@fnagel Merge branch 'selectmenu' of into selectmenu f4e8065
@fnagel fixed: empty option text, thx to @outprove, see #102 569d401
@fnagel Merge pull request #166 from betalb/patch-1
fixed: make button span so its inline element
@fnagel removed: option wrapperElement, use widget method instead (see defaul…
…t demo)
@fnagel fixed: small cleanup 90684f9
@fnagel added: option appendTo (where to append menu element), thx @payahnih,…
… see #155
@fnagel Merge pull request #200 from tschettler/selectmenu
fixed: IE8 focus issue when initializing with multiple selectmenu function calls
@ainformatico ainformatico MERGE 1.8.17 from jquery-ui f20deb3
@ainformatico ainformatico MERGE 1.8.18 from jquery-ui 38390f4

fnagel commented May 15, 2012

Are you sure this will work? Some people reported bugs when using jQuery 1.7.1, see

Afaics you did no changes to selectmenu itself. Would you mind to give it a try in IE7 and IE8?


fnagel commented May 17, 2012

Sorry, Ive updated myself as there was a regression bug.

fnagel closed this May 17, 2012

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