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A flexible TYPO3 CMS blog extension powered by Extbase / Fluid which aims to replace t3blog.
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Classes [TASK] Disable preview hook for >= TYPO3 7.2, document new page TSconfig
Configuration [TASK] Improve fe_group field, access and visibility palettes
Documentation [TASK] Disable preview hook for >= TYPO3 7.2, document new page TSconfig
Resources [BUGFIX] Make sure RSS has no unwanted div
Tests [TASK] Update tests bootstrapping
.editorconfig [TASK] Update editorconfig with latest core config
.gitignore [TASK] Ignore build dir
ExtensionBuilder.json [TASK] Update from extension builder: add subscriber model [TASK] Small adjustments to readme file
class.ext_update.php [FEATURE] add "mails_sent" field to prevent notification emails to be…
composer.json [FEATURE] Add notice in BE module when no blog records could be found
ext_emconf.php [TASK] Consider extension TYPO3 CMS 7.6 ready
ext_icon.gif [FIX] Add new extension icon based on new BE module icon
ext_localconf.php [BUGFIX] Use German localization in Resources folder
ext_tables.php [TASK] Decrease preview text RTE size
ext_tables.sql Merge branch 'preview'
ext_typoscript_setup.txt [!!!][FIX] Fix and simplify TS generation in backend
phpunit.coverage.xml.dist [TASK] Convert Domain/Model to namespaces
phpunit.xml.dist [TASK] Add standalone test setup

TYPO3 t3extblog

A flexible blog extension for TYPO3 CMS powered by Extbase / Fluid which aims to replace t3blog.

Current state

Stable - in production use but missing some features from the original extension.

Idea & goals

This extension aims to be an improved replacement for EXT:t3blog. It's based upon Extbase and Fluid. Easy data migration as a slightly modified SQL and TCA is used.

This extension could (but should probably not) be used for starting a new blog with TYPO3. Keep in mind: TYPO3 is not a dedicated blogging platform.


Please see /Documentation/Introduction/Index.rst for currently implemented features. Make sure to check out GitHub issues for bugs and missing features.


See /Documentation (latest) directory or online: (latest TER)


Please see /Documentation/Installation/Index.rst for installation and /Documentation/ReplaceT3Blog/Index.rst for migration from EXT:t3blog.

Todo & Known bugs

Please see Github Issues:


Please see Github:


Any help is appreciated. Please feel free to drop me a line, open issues or send pull requests.

It is possible to sponsor features and bugfixes!


Please consider a donation:

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