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Benchmark between Shoulda and RSpec

Ruby 1.8.7

Shoulda with Factory Girl    - 8m20.456s
Shoulda without Factory Girl - 8m35.973s
RSpec with Factory Girl      - 1m35.028s
RSpec without Factory Girl   - 1m36.353s
Test/Unit com Factory Girl   - 1m38.559s
Test/Unit sem Factory Girl   - 1m38.944s

Ruby 1.9.1

Shoulda with Factory Girl    - 3m33.408s
Shoulda without Factory Girl - 3m35.687s
RSpec with Factory Girl      - 1m10.277s
RSpec without Factory Girl   - 1m11.002s
Test/Unit com Factory Girl   - 1m39.538s
Test/Unit sem Factory Girl   - 1m40.026s

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