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@@ -144,10 +144,10 @@ NOTE: Any named block annotation will be removed from <tt>@@@ ruby file.rb</tt>
By default, RDiscount[] is the Markdown processor. However, you can switch to different implementations by simply installing any of the following processors:
-# Maruku:
-# PEGMarkdown:
-# BlueCloth:
-# Redcarpet:
+* Maruku:
+* PEGMarkdown:
+* BlueCloth:
+* Redcarpet:
Note: RDiscount will always be installed as Kitabu's dependency but only used when no
alternative library is available.
@@ -161,8 +161,9 @@ alternative library is available.
I published two PDFs (portuguese only) exploring lots of features. Check it out:
There's also an (probably) outdated Rails Guide section in the <tt>examples</tt> directory.

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