Avoiding dead threads and a little bit improvement for growl notifier #13

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gazay commented Jun 19, 2012

Hello! I want to include functionality of your gem in mine https://github.com/ruby-talks/talks, so I started to play with it and want to improve a little bit what I think will be more comfortable in usage.

  1. When you send to notify method not enough options for notifier it will throw you an error because option[:some_option] will return nil and system('bla', 'bla', nil) will return type error. So I just add .to_s for each option call.
  2. It will be nice that if all notifiers can just get message in notify method and show it without other options and without hash-style method call. So now we can write Notifier.notify 'bla bla' and if you use Growl on your machine it will show you simple notification.

Thanks! :)

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