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Download images from Tumblr with a single click.
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Image Downloader for Tumblr

Built with Grunt Code Climate Dependency Status GitHub Issues

Image Downloader for Tumblr is a Google Chrome extension for Tumblr. It enables you to download images in a single click by putting a download button above every image on the page.

For the full description, please visit the extension page.


If you would like to contribute, simply fork this repository, make a new branch, work your magic, and submit a pull request. Remember to follow the current style of the code and comment and test it well.

You will need:

  • Node.js
  • Ruby
    • Sass gem
    • Slim gem

To install all the dependencies, simply run npm install in the repository, and you're good to go! Make sure you have Ruby installed, with the Sass and Slim gems.

You can use:

  • grunt watch or grunt watch:all to automatically re-compile the extension every time you make a change to any file
  • grunt watch:javascript, grunt watch:sass or grunt watch:slim to watch only specific types of files
  • grunt watch:javascriptSass to watch both JavaScipt and Sass files

To manually build the extension, run grunt development or grunt production. The production build Uglifies and minifies JavaScript, and minifies CSS, HTML, and JSON.

To add the extension to Chrome, go to Settings > Extensions, and open the extension folder that is created after you run a Grunt build.

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