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A better Twitter profile for everyone!
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#Twitter Profilify A little script based on Mispy's bioversity and kaomojify. It helps your Twitter profile be a little more random, informative, and interesting.

Emotional analyzer

Calculates your current emotional state relative to your Twitter history by downloading your tweets and running a Bayes classifier against them trained with a set of emotions. Can be used to either insert your current emotional state into your bio, or update your avatar.

Dynamic Twitter bio

Generates a random bio based on your likes, current emotional state, and what you are listening to.


Ruby 1.9.3+ and the bundler gem.


  1. Clone the repository
  2. Run bundle install
  3. Rename config.rb.sample to config.rb
  4. Rename the sample-images folder to imgaes
  5. Edit config.rb with your details
  6. Run ruby profilify

Edit emotions.tsv to adjust the emotions training dataset to better suit your needs.

You can run this hourly with cron or Heroku, or whatever else you prefer.

Using the music feature

If you want to display what you were listening to when the script ran, you will need a Twitter account that tweets the stuff you're listening to.

I use foo_twit_post to tweet every song I listen to on a separate account. The post format setting is:

#NowPlaying $iflonger(%title%,62,$cut(%title%,61)…,%title%)$if(%artist%, – $iflonger(%artist%,62,$cut(%artist%,61)…,%artist%))

This will produce a simple tweet that looks like this:

#NowPlaying Some Song – Some Artist
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