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0.4.0 / 2013-06-16

Upstream changes

  • Pull request #2: Pin homesick gem to 0.7.0 release. (@smdahlen)


  • Add git cookbook as a dependency (Homesick gem relies on git binary). (@fnichol)
  • Create gem_version attribute. (@fnichol)
  • Install Homesick gem with chef_gem resource. (@fnichol)
  • Updates to README and CHANGELOG. (@fnichol)
  • Add Test Kitchen support with basic LWRP test. (@fnichol)

0.3.2 / 2012-08-1

Bug fixes

  • Fix home_dir Pathname coersion to String in Ruby 1.9.x. (@fnichol)

0.3.0 / 2012-08-15

Breaking changes

  • Rename data_bag attribute to data_bag_name. (@fnichol)

Bug fixes

  • homesick_castle LWRP now notifies when updated (FC017). (@fnichol)
  • Fix permission error if Chef is run by root user. (@fnichol)

New features

  • Add user_array_node_attr attribute. (@fnichol)


  • Add TravisCI to run Foodcritic linter. (@fnichol)
  • Reorganize README with section links. (@fnichol)
  • Remove resource duplication in castle provider (FC005). (@fnichol)

0.2.2 / 2011-09-25


  • Add installation instructions to README. (@fnichol)
  • homesick gem is no longer installed during compile phase. (@fnichol)

0.2.0 / 2011-08-15

The initial release.