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Fixes check for user rvm #64

merged 1 commit into from over 2 years ago

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Bob Corsaro Fletcher Nichol
Bob Corsaro

It was getting installed on each chef-client run on my system.

Fletcher Nichol fnichol merged commit 374dfe2 into from
Fletcher Nichol

Sweet, thanks! Just out of curiosity, what platform was this happening on?

Bob Corsaro

Sorry it was Ubuntu on Rackspace.

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Jan 19, 2012
Bob Corsaro dokipen Fix user rvm b38afa4
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  1. +1 1  libraries/chef_rvm_recipe_helpers.rb
2  libraries/chef_rvm_recipe_helpers.rb
@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ def install_rvm(opts = {})
82 82 end
83 83
84 84 not_if rvm_wrap_cmd(
85   - %{type rvm | head -1 | grep -q '^rvm is a function$'}, user_dir)
  85 + %{type rvm | cat | head -1 | grep -q '^rvm is a function$'}, user_dir)
86 86 end
87 87 i.run_action(:run) if install_now
88 88 end

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