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+## 0.0.3 (unreleased)
+* Add installation instructions to README. ([@fnichol][])
+## 0.0.1 (August 4, 2011)
+The initial release.
@@ -19,15 +19,63 @@ that is supported by Chef.
There are no external cookbook dependencies.
-# Recipes
+# Installation
-## default
+Depending on the situation and use case there are several ways to install
+this cookbook. All the methods listed below assume a tagged version release
+is the target, but omit the tags to get the head of development. A valid
+Chef repository structure like the [Opscode repo][chef_repo] is also assumed.
-This recipe is a no-op and does nothing.
+## From the Opscode Community Platform
-# Attributes
+To install this cookbook from the Opscode platform, use the *knife* command:
-There are no attributes to define or configure.
+ knife cookbook site install solo_data_bags
+## Using Librarian
+The [Librarian][librarian] gem aims to be Bundler for your Chef cookbooks.
+Include a reference to the cookbook in a **Cheffile** and run
+`librarian-chef install`. To install with Librarian:
+ gem install librarian
+ cd chef-repo
+ librarian-chef init
+ cat >> Cheffile <<END_OF_CHEFFILE
+ cookbook 'solo_data_bags',
+ :git => 'git://', :ref => 'v0.0.1'
+ librarian-chef install
+## Using knife-github-cookbooks
+The [knife-github-cookbooks][kgc] gem is a plugin for *knife* that supports
+installing cookbooks directly from a GitHub repository. To install with the
+ gem install knife-github-cookbooks
+ cd chef-repo
+ knife cookbook github install fnichol/chef-solo_data_bags/v0.0.1
+## As a Git Submodule
+A common practice (which is getting dated) is to add cookbooks as Git
+submodules. This is accomplishes like so:
+ cd chef-repo
+ git submodule add git:// cookbooks/solo_data_bags
+ git submodule init && git submodule update
+**Note:** the head of development will be linked here, not a tagged release.
+## As a Tarball
+If the cookbook needs to downloaded temporarily just to be uploaded to a Chef
+Server or Opscode Hosted Chef, then a tarball installation might fit the bill:
+ cd chef-repo/cookbooks
+ curl -Ls | tar xfz - && \
+ mv fnichol-chef-solo_data_bags-* solo_data_bags
# Usage
@@ -35,6 +83,16 @@ Simply include the cookbook in your chef repository and
`libraries/solo_data_bags` will be loaded in the chef-solo run to add Data
Bag support.
+# Recipes
+## default
+This recipe is a no-op and does nothing.
+# Attributes
+There are no attributes to define or configure.
# Development
* Source hosted at [GitHub][repo]
@@ -61,6 +119,10 @@ WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
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