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AFINN sentiment analysis in Python: Wordlist-based approach for sentiment analysis.


>>> from afinn import Afinn
>>> afinn = Afinn()
>>> afinn.score('This is utterly excellent!')

In Danish:

>>> afinn = Afinn(language='da')
>>> afinn.score('Hvis ikke det er det mest afskyelige flueknepperi...')

In Swedish:

>>> afinn = Afinn(language='sv')
>>> afinn.score('det är inte bra')

With emoticons:

>>> afinn = Afinn(emoticons=True)
>>> afinn.score('I saw that yesterday :)')

With multiple sentences (here with data from an Austen novel available in Gutenberg):

>>> from afinn import Afinn
>>> from nltk.corpus import gutenberg
>>> import textwrap
>>> afinn = Afinn()
>>> sentences = (" ".join(wordlist) for wordlist in gutenberg.sents('austen-sense.txt'))
>>> scored_sentences = ((afinn.score(sent), sent) for sent in sentences)
>>> sorted_sentences = sorted(scored_sentences)
>>> print("\n".join(textwrap.wrap(sorted_sentences[0][1], 70)))
To attach myself to your sister , therefore , was not a thing to be
thought of ;-- and with a meanness , selfishness , cruelty -- which no
indignant , no contemptuous look , even of yours , Miss Dashwood , can
ever reprobate too much -- I was acting in this manner , trying to
engage her regard , without a thought of returning it .-- But one
thing may be said for me : even in that horrid state of selfish vanity
, I did not know the extent of the injury I meditated , because I did
not THEN know what it was to love .


If you as a scientist use the wordlist or the code please cite this one:

  • Finn Årup Nielsen, "A new ANEW: evaluation of a word list for sentiment analysis in microblogs", Proceedings of the ESWC2011 Workshop on 'Making Sense of Microposts': Big things come in small packages. Volume 718 in CEUR Workshop Proceedings: 93-98. 2011 May. Matthew Rowe, Milan Stankovic, Aba-Sah Dadzie, Mariann Hardey (editors)

Paper with supplement:

See also

Travis et al.

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