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Online Tagger Framework

A CREOLE plugin for GATE that provides a processing resource similar to the built-in Generic Tagger, but does not do any disk I/O for inter-process communication nor does it launch more than one single, continuous tagger process. However, this puts some restrictions on the kinds of taggers you can use:

  1. The tagger must support streaming I/O. That is, the tagger must be able to read from some "input stream", such as UNIX' STDIN, and write to some "output stream", commonly UNIX' STDOUT. Another way of putting this is that your tagger should be able to handle UNIX' piped command syntax, something like this: cat plain_text.txt | some_tagger > tagged_text.txt.

  2. The tagger must work with POSIX' classical line-based interface. That is, the tagger must take one continuous block of text as input, terminated with a newline character. For example, it should take one token, sentences or block of text as input (not containing any newlines), and, once it receives a newline character, start tagging that input.

  3. The tagger must produce one annotation per line as output, and those annotations must be in the same order as the (input) text spans which they annotate. Those annotations commonly are expected to be in the OTPL (one token per line) format. For example, the line Nouns noun NN B-NP O might annotate the token "Noun" (verbatim, as found in the input text) with the lemma "noun", the PoS-tag "NN", the BIO-chunk "B-NP" and the BIO-NER-tag "O" (outside any entity mention). The exact structure and contents of that line can be configured, just as with the built-in GenericTagger.

Please clone this plugin from GitHub (git clone into your local CREOLE plugin directory. Then you can load it with the CREOLE Plugin Manager and once you create a new GenericOnlineTagger Processing Resource, you will be asked to supply the basic configuration data needed to start the tagger sub-process: the full path to the tagger binary, the directory to run in (if any), and the runtime flags and arguments (if any).


an online tagger wrapper for GATE that only spans one global sub-process per processing resource






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