an informative progress bar for Python 2+3 command-line tools
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a module to display progress bars in terminals

A simple way of providing an informative and clean progress bar on the terminal that:

  • knows a terminal's current width
  • has a header
  • works out of the box when reading files
  • always shows a relative percentage
  • works for Python 2.6+ and 3.0+


file.txt: [========================79.3%===============>          ]


pip install progress_bar


Generally, to create any kind of progress bar with a default "size" of 100 arbitrary units:

from progress_bar import InitBar

pbar = InitBar()
pbar(10)  # update % to 10%
pbar(20)  # update % to 20%
pbar(15)  # simulate a Microsoft progress bar
pbar(100) # done

del pbar  # write the newline

To easily create a progress bar for reporting (reading) progress in a filehandle that can tell() its offset:

from progress_bar import InitBarForInfile

pbar = InitBarForInfile("./README.rst")
instream = open("./README.rst")

for line in iter(instream.readline, ''):

del pbar

With those default arguments, the bar will be as wide as the terminal window. However, it will have two whitespaces on both sides of the bar to achieve a visually more appealing display. Terminal window width is defined by termios using fcntl, both from the standard library. The progress bar will be prefixed with the basename of the input file ("file.txt" in the above example).

Version History

  • 8: README improvements thanks to Marc Abramowitz, @msabramo
  • 7: fixed error with InitBar when no title is given
  • 6: removed remaining function annotations (Py2.7; thanks to Adam Knight @ahknight)
  • 5: fixed a few rough edges from the last update
  • 4: made the bars with titles one-liners and fixed functions names (FunctionNames, ClassNames, methodNames, variable_names) because the PEP8 convention of using "snake_case" for nearly all names makes no sense to me what-so-ever... Finally, fixed the documentation to reflect Sphinx standards.
  • 3: fixed the version number so PEP426 issues are avoided (pip install now works...)
  • 2: updated the readme/usage section to reflect tell() issues with Python3
  • 1: initial release

Copyright and License

License: Apache License v2. Copyright 2007-2014 Florian Leitner. All rights reserved.