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ChRIS Status Updates Blog

This repo drives &, which is meant to be the main upstream website for the ChRIS project.

If you would like to contribute a blog post to this repo:

  1. Write up your content in markdown: Go to the _posts folder and save your content markdown. You can do this straight in the github UI.
  2. Use the correct file naming format: Do note the post's name must start with a timestamp in the format YYYY-MM-DD- followed by a name for the post. If you use just the date, the template system won't recognize the post.
  3. Add YAML 'front matter' metadata to the top of the post: The YAML itself is pretty self-explanatory; here is an example you can copy/paste and modify for your post:
    layout: post
    title:  "30 Jan Status - Local file upload in web UI"
    author: mo
    image: ""

Other tips:

  • Featured Posts: If you like a post to be featured on the "Featured" section on the top of the page, insert featured:true in the YAML metadata at the top of your post's markdown file.
  • Hide from 'All Stories' list: hidden:true
  • Categories: categories: [ category1, category2] - the 'status' category will place it alongside our weekly status meeting posts.
  • Tags: tags: [tag1, tag2]
  • Table of Contents:
    beforetoc: "Markdown editor is a very powerful thing. In this article I'm going to show you what you can actually do with it, some tricks and tips while editing your post."
    toc: true

Website development

If you would like to set up a local copy of this website to test changes, etc. to it beyond adding posts:

git clone website-chrisproject
cd website-chrisproject
docker-compose up

Upstream Theme Info

We are using the Mediumish Jekyll theme developed by WOWthemes for this blog with some minor customizations. It is free under MIT license.


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