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Bunch of changes to the Connections section.

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@fnoble authored
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  1. +43 −15 datasheet/datasheet.tex
58 datasheet/datasheet.tex
@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@ \section*{Description}
-\section*{Pin Descriptions}
\tikzstyle{background grid}=[draw, black!50, step=.25cm]
@@ -170,7 +170,7 @@ \section*{Pin Descriptions}
|[pinnum]| 7 & DEBUGB6 \\
|[pinnum]| 8 & DEBUGB7 \\
- \node [above of=debug_pins, node distance=1.65cm] (debug_label) {Debug Header};
+ \node [above of=debug_pins, node distance=1.65cm] (debug_label) {Debug \& Expansion Header};
\draw[->] (debug_label) -| (debug);
\node [pin1, right of=debug, node distance=2cm] {1};
@@ -195,7 +195,7 @@ \section*{Pin Descriptions}
@@ -204,30 +204,58 @@ \subsection*{USB}
as a USB-Serial bridge to the microcontroller or as a high-speed FIFO
interface to the SwiftNAP for streaming full-rate IF data samples to the host.
-\subsection*{Active Antenna}
+\subsection*{External Antenna}
+In addition to the on-board patch antenna, an external active antenna input is
+provided on an SMA connector and features a software switchable 3.3V bias.
-In addition to the on-board patch antenna an external active antenna input is
-provided on an SMA connector for higher performance and system integration
+Selection between the on-board patch and the external antenna is made in
+software and can auto-detect the presence of an external active antenna.
-0.05in pitch JTAG header allows access to SwiftNAP FPGA and microcontroller
-JTAG chains for debugging.
+No JTAG adapter is required to develop for the SwiftGNSS as the board is
+supplied with a built-in bootloader.
+For advanced debugging a 0.05'' pitch micro JTAG header compatible with the
+ARM Cortex-M standard pinout is provided on the board, allowing access to the
+SwiftNAP FPGA and STM32F4 microcontroller JTAG chains.
+ \begin{tikzpicture}[auto, thick, text centered, node distance=1.5cm, >=stealth', font={\footnotesize}]
+ \node (tdi) {TDI};
+ \node [draw, rectangle, right of=tdi, text width=1.5cm, node distance=2cm] (nap) {SwiftNAP\\(Spartan6)};
+ \node [draw, rectangle, right of=nap, text width=1.5cm, node distance=2.5cm] (stm) {$\mu$C\\(STM32F4)};
+ \node [coordinate, right of=stm] (end) {};
+ \node [below of=tdi, node distance=1cm] (tdo) {TDO};
+ \draw[->] (tdi) -- (nap);
+ \draw[->] (nap) -- (stm);
+ \draw[-] (stm) -- (end);
+ \draw[->] (end) |- (tdo);
+ \end{tikzpicture}
-\subsection*{Debug Header}
+\subsection*{Debug \& Expansion Header}
-Provides access to debugging signals from the SwiftNAP. Assignment of these
-signals varies depending on the SwiftNAP firmware loaded.
+Provides access to debugging signals from the SwiftNAP and I/O for future
+expansion boards and accessories. Assignment of these signals varies depending
+on the SwiftNAP firmware configuration.
\subsection*{UARTs 1 \& 2}
Provide high-speed 3.3V LVTTL level UART interfaces which can be configured to
transmit NMEA or binary navigation solution data, system status and debugging
-information and receive commands or differential corrections from the host or another
-SwiftGNSS board.
+information and receive commands or differential corrections from the host or
+another SwiftGNSS board.
+Power may be supplied to the board either over USB or through the V+ pins on the
+UART connectors. A 3.3V output from the on-board switching regulator is
+provided to power any external peripherals.
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