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from xml.etree.ElementTree import ElementTree
from os import path
class RegisterView:
def load_definitions(self, defs_file):
self.tree = ElementTree()
reggroups = self.tree.findall(".//registergroup")
for rg in reggroups:
# Create a full name for the register based on the register group if required
# Some registers don't use the base/group name, so fall back to register name
for r in rg.findall('./register'):
fullname = rg.attrib['name'] + '_' + r.attrib['name'].split('_',1)[1]
fullname = r.attrib['name']
self.reg_defs = self.tree.getiterator('register')
print "Loaded register definitions:", path.expanduser(defs_file)
def find_registers(self, reg_name):
regs = filter(lambda x: x.attrib['fullname'].startswith(reg_name), self.reg_defs)
return map(lambda x: x.attrib['fullname'], regs)
def get_reg_element(self, reg_name):
elems = filter(lambda x: x.attrib['fullname'] == reg_name, self.reg_defs)
if len(elems) > 0:
return elems[0]
return None
def extract_bits(self, val, bit_len, bit_offset):
return (val >> bit_offset) & ((1<<bit_len) - 1)
def get_reg_address(self, name):
return eval(self.get_reg_element(name).attrib['address'])
def print_reg(self, name, val):
print "%s (*0x%08X) = 0x%08X\n" % (name, self.get_reg_address(name), val)
reg = self.get_reg_element(name)
for field in reg.getchildren():
bit_len = int(field.attrib['bitlength'])
bit_offset = int(field.attrib['bitoffset'])
bit_name = field.attrib['name']
description = field.attrib.get('description', 'no description')
print "%s\t0x%X\t\t%s" % (bit_name, self.extract_bits(val, bit_len, bit_offset), description)