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#Welcome to FaceBlock!

FB has placed ads on their main website. I don't like ads, especially intrusive ads, so i wrote an extension


Because FB has made ads indistinguishable from news feed content, thereby making them unblockable by systems such as [AdBlockPlus](

ABP is currently working on a fix and as such I don't expect this extension to have a long life expectancy. But if you find ads as annoying as I do...[help yourself to the extension]( or if you are a developer and want a starting point for your own extension, then help yourself to the code repository.



  • Removed uneeded permissions
  • Added a badge to show count of blocked ads

##25-Aug-2016 The extension is now serachable from the web store, yay.



  • It turns out there are a number of extensions named FaceBlock. I should have searched before naming this extension. But apparently duplicated extension names are allowed so...Modified the manifest and renamed the extension to something less...offensive: Welcome to FaceBlock!