A lightweight and beautiful jQuery plugin for radio and checkbox inputs.
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Labelauty jQuery Plugin

A nice and lightweight jQuery plugin that gives beauty to checkboxes and radio buttons and allows custom labels for each status of (un)checked inputs.

Demo: http://fntneves.github.io/jquery-labelauty

Note: Labelauty does not support Internet Explorer 7 and 8.


bower install labelauty

Fast Usage

Write your checkbox or radio input in body section and call labelauty() to beautify it. Note: Call plugin when document is ready. See below:

<input type="checkbox"/>

Simple, isn't it?

Aria Uses

To add a Aria attributes, just add a aria-label. Labelauty will add tabindex, role and checked attributes.

<input aria-label="This branch is awesome" type="checkbox"/>

Use Cases

  • If you want to create user-friendly websites, this is the right choice!

  • Very useful in remember me checkboxes, in settings panel, etc.

How does it work ?

The above case will generate one checkbox with default labels "Checked" and "Unchecked", one for each input state.

You can change the default labels (see Options section) or give custom labels to each checkbox, like the following example:

<input type="checkbox" data-labelauty="Don't synchronize files|Synchronize my files"/>

The data-labelauty attribute of radio and checkbox inputs lets you write custom labels for unchecked|checked cases. Pipe character |, is the default separator between these two labels. You can change it (see Options section).

The data-labelauty attribute can be used in three different ways:


To choose a custom label for Unchecked and Checked states.

<input type="checkbox" data-labelauty="Don't synchronize files|Synchronize my files"/>


Without separator, the Message text will be the permanent label. It means that label will not change between input state.

<input type="checkbox" data-labelauty="Synchronize my files"/>


By omitting this attribute, the default labels will be shown.

<input type="checkbox"/>


Set a new class value that will be applied to changed inputs.

$(":checkbox").labelauty({ class: "myclass" });

When label is set to false, only the input icon appears and changes.

$(":checkbox").labelauty({ label: false });

When icon is set to false, only the input text label appears and changes.

$(":checkbox").labelauty({ icon: false });

Change separator between custom labels, in data-labelauty attribute. Choose your separator with separator.

$(":checkbox").labelauty({ separator: "-" });

Do you want to generate random ID's for all inputs? Change force_random_id to true.

    force_random_id: true,

Do you want custom default labels? Set new text in checked_label and unchecked_label.

    checked_label: "You selected this",
    unchecked_label: "You don't want it"

Actually, custom labels have different number of characters or width. So, you can set minimum-width to custom CSS option.

$(":checkbox").labelauty({ minimum_width: "170px" });

If you dislike the previous option, then you can set labels with the same width. Just set same_width to true.

$(":checkbox").labelauty({ same_width: true });


You are free to customize all styles included in Labelauty jQuery Plugin.

Just edit jquery-labelauty.css to your liking and change images as you wish.

The included CSS file is tiny and simple. Don't be afraid to change it.


© 2013, Francisco Neves. Released under the MIT License.

Labelauty is authored and maintained by Francisco Neves.

Contributors can help to make this plugin better.

You can follow Trello of this repo.