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Synchronize messages between Slack and IRC.
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Slack IRC Syncbot

Synchronize messages between Slack and IRC.


git clone
cd slack-irc-syncbot
npm install

Write your own configuration file (Refer config.sample.js) is a good starting point for building your own. The details can refer Configure part in below.

Save this to a file in the root of the project then run your bot with:

node your-config

This will launch the bot in your terminal based on provided configuration.

Usage for Docker

This project also support docker. you can clone the project and configure it. BTW, your config file should be named config.js.

$ git clone
$ cd slack-irc-syncbot
$ cp config.sample.js config.js
$ vim config.js

Then build image and run.

$ docker build --tag="slack-irc-syncbot" ./
$ docker run -d -P slack-irc-syncbot

If you don't want to rebuild images after editing config file, just use volume to sync config and restart container.

$ docker run -d -P -v $PWD/config.js:/app/config.js --name="slackbot" slack-irc-syncbot
$ vim config.js
$ docker restart slackbot

In addition, if your want to specify expose port, remember to use -p argument replace -P


Explain configuration in config.sample.js with comment.

var config = {
  // Require item
  nick: 'slackbot',
  username: 'slackbot-username',
  incomeUrl: '',

// Channels map
config.channels = {
  '#irc-channel password(optional)': '#slack-channel'

// Users map
// Index is not nick, but username at IRC. It could be get by `/whois`.
// Value is slack's username.
config.users = {
  'ircLogin (not nick)': 'slackUser'


  • nick: IRCbot's nick, it should be unique on IRC Server
  • username: IRC bot's username
  • token: Slack's API token
  • incomeUrl: From Incoming WebHooks of Integrations
  • outgoingToken: From Outgoing WebHooks of Integrations
  • channels: Channels map. Decide to sync which IRC chanel to Slack channel
  • users: Users map. Let messages sync from IRC could dislpay usesname of Slack


  • server: IRC server, default is
  • iconUrl: Default ICON for messages from IRC to Slack by url. 48*48 size is better
  • iconEmoji: As iconUrl but by emoji code. It will override by iconUrl
  • serverPort: The port of web application to get post request from slack. default is 80
  • initializeTimeoutLimit: Set seconds to be limit time of initialization.
  • listUpdatedPeriod: Set seconds to update user list


  • isSilent: Set true to stop IRC bot from speaking into the channel
  • isSystemSilent: Set true to stop speak any bot's system messages
  • isUsersTracking: Set true to tracking IRC users' nick. Otherwise, user mapping will be turn off.
  • isAutoTildeAdded: Set true to add tilde prefix on IRC nicks
  • isShowSlackChannel: Set true to display channel name of slack on IRC channel
  • isMapName:
  • isMapAvatar:

Other config options about IRCBot, can refer node-irc