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My NVIM configuration file

This is the configuration file I use for NVIM. I use this with the nightly build, currently at 0.2.0-dev. I use vim-plug to manage my plugins. The content of my vim configuration is not meant to be general and it caters to my specific needs and tastes. Feel free to use it as a starting point and create your own.


  • Rich set of plugins that are useful for any activity and programming language: vim-surround, NERDCommenter, vim-fugitive, vim-repeat, editorconfig-vim, vim-sneak, vim-signify, NERDTree, auto-pairs, vim-multiple-cursors and tabular.
  • Syntax and completion for several languages and frameworks: JavaScript, JSX, CSS, Markdown, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Haskell, Rust and HTML.
  • Super fast file search and directory in-file regex matching with FZF and Silver Searcher.
  • Autocompletion with YouCompleteMe with an installation script with completion for C-like languages, JavaScript and Rust.
  • Asynchronous linting for all available linters with ALE.
  • Beautiful theming with vim-airline and the base16 theme.
  • My own keybindings and configuration preferences. Read the comments in the configuration file to see what they do.
  • GitHub-flavored Markdown preview by pressing Ctrl + M.


  1. Follow vim-plug installation instructions to get the plugin manager working. Do not run :PlugInstall yet.

  2. Check out requirements for YouCompleteMe. This installation will require Node.js, NPM, Rust, and the standard build-essential and cmake packages. Make sure you have those in place.

  3. Install The Silver Searcher following their installation instructions.

  4. For GitHub-flavored Markdown preview, install grip.

  5. Copy the contents of init.vim to your .vimrc file. I personally use a symlink to keep everything in a ~/.vim folder.

  6. Open NVIM and run :PlugInstall. This will install a lot of stuff. Enjoy!


My NVIM configuration file






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