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Run like the wind
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Run like the wind


Clone this repository and install in a virtual conda (Python 3) environment.

Create a conda environment called windrunner-env specific to this Python package and activate the environment:

# Create an environment called `windrunner-env` with Python and pip
➜  conda create --name windrunner-env python=3.6 pip
➜  source activate windrunner-env
(windrunner-env) ➜

(windrunner-env) indicates windrunner-env environment is active.

Clone the environment somewhere, for instance, into a code directory:

(windrunner-env) ➜ git clone

Install the package by running the script.

(windrunner-env) ➜ cd windrunner
(windrunner-env) ➜ python install

Note This does not install the editable package. When updating from Github, reinstall by running the command again.

For uploading build distributions (requires twine):

(windrunner-env) ➜ cd windrunner
(windrunner-env) ➜ python sdist bdist_wheel
(windrunner-env) ➜ python -m twine upload dist/*

Or for installing the PyPi windrunner package:

(windrunner-env) ➜ pip install windrunner
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