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Build fully featured high performance apps in less time using FOAM.

  • Application Speed
  • Application Size
  • Developer Efficiency

"Fast apps Fast"


Feature Oriented Active Modeller

FOAM is a full-stack reactive MVC metaprogramming framework.

While it is written in Javascript, it can be used to generate code for any language or platform.

There is nothing to build. Just load any of the various .html demos.

Bundled Javascript Files

FOAM can bootstrap itself at runtime using core/bootFOAM.js and friends.

However, we have a script that will build a combined and minified foam.js and foam.html, which make for easy and efficient deployment.

The simplest case of running the build tool is to run

nodejs tools/foam.js foam.build.BuildApp controller=my.controller.Model targetPath=.

But there are many more options you can configure. See BuildApp.js for the complete set of options and flags, and the various build.sh scripts in the repo for examples of real usage.


Before contributing code to FOAM, you must complete the Google Individual Contributor License Agreement.