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QuickBug is an alternative UI to the standard crbug.com/code.google.com issue tracker. It can be used to track issues for any code.google.com project, including Chromium. QuickBug offers improved performance and some extra capabilities. MBug is a simplified version of QuickBug designed for Mobile use.


QuickBug mostly mimics the appearance and behaviour of crbug.com. However, it does provide some additional functionality:

  • Offline Search
  • More Powerful Query Language
  • Drag & Drop
  • Grid of Pie-Charts
  • Hierarchical blocking/blocked-on Lists
  • Changle-List List


QuickBug has an accompanying Chrome Extension which detects Crbug URL's and redirects them to be opened by QuickBug instead.

Mailing List

Chrome Web Store:



Crbug Differences

For the most part, QuickBug looks and acts exactly as http://crbug.com, however, there are a few exceptions:


QuickBug does not use paging when viewing the issue list, but instead uses continuous scrolling which allows you to just scroll across the entire query result.

Hierarchical Blocking/Blocked-On Lists

When viewing an issue's popup Preview view, by hovering over its ID in the table view, the blocking and blocked-on lists show the complete tree of blocking/blocked-on issues, not just those immediately associated with the current list.


QuickBug's query language is a super-set of the query language used on the website. Query sub-expressions can be arbitrarily nested with parenthesis and field 'short-names' can be used (like 's' instead of 'status') to allow for faster entry. However, keep in mind that advanced queries may not be able to be handled when exported to crbug.com.

Drag & Drop

In the Grid-View, you can drag-and-drop tiles between cells. This provides a fast method for triaging issues.

Pie Charts

In addition to the grid cell options provided by crbug.com, QuickBug also allows you to summarize cell data as pie charts based on either status or priority. This is just an experimental feature and is still missing labels and legends. Please let me know if you find this to be a worthwhile feature or not, and we'll either remove it or finish it, based on your feedback. We can also add other graph types that you think might be (more) useful.

Warped Scrolling

The GridView also supports a "warped" scroll mode which removes the regular scrollbars and insteads shows the grid contents on a hyperbolically warped surface. This is what's called a ZUI (Zoomable User Interface), and has potential benefits on smaller mobile devices where screen space is limited. You can control the magnification level using either a mousewheel or a touchpad zoom gesture. Currently, this is only an experimental feature and only works when viewing Pie-Charts, Please let us know if you find this feature useful.

Column Resizing

You can drag the column borders to resize table columns.


QuickBug is a Chrome packaged app, and packaged apps, by default, miss several features that you come to expect from regular web apps. To address these short-comings, we've implemented several browser-isms in QuickBug to help bring back these useful features.


The small link icon to the right of the search field can be clicked to provide a link for the current query and UI configuration (ie. view type, column selection, sort-order, etc). Also, when you click on this icon it will bring up the crbug website configured to the same query and configuration as your current QuickBug screen. You can then bookmark this url from your browser.


If you paste a codesite issue link into your searchbox, QuickBug will parse the link and configure your current search and view to match that query. This works for any codesite project, not just chromium.


Browser history is not a feature of packaged apps, but QuickBug provides similar functionality. You'll notice left and right arrow icons in the top-left corner of QuickBug. These behave in a similar fashion to regular browser history actions. The refresh icon forces an immediate data sync.


Shift-Ctrl-+/- allow you to change the magnification level of the QuickBug screen, just as they would if it were a hosted webpage.


Click on the star icon to create a new bookmark and browse or recall existing bookmarks from the bookmarks menu. A bookmark named 'Default' will automatically be loaded on startup.


QuickBug Screenshot

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