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FOAM: Feature-Oriented Active Modeller, Version 2
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Build fully featured high performance apps in less time using FOAM.

  • Application Speed
  • Application Size
  • Developer Efficiency

"Fast apps Fast"

Build Status

Feature Oriented Active Modeller

FOAM is a modeling tool and class based object system. To use FOAM, you create a model of your class by describing the properties, methods, event topics, listeners, and dependencies of your class. FOAM takes this model and generates a usable JavaScript class along with several companion features such as database support and network marshaling.

While FOAM is written in JavaScript, it can be used to generate code for any language or platform, including Android Java and iOS Swift.


Building Java

cd src; ./; cd ../build; cp ../tools/pom.xml .; mvn compile; mvn package

Or you may build and run using

make run

And to clean the project, you may use

make clean

Installing Dependencies

FOAM has no runtime dependencies, but uses a number of third party tools for unit tests, code coverage, and linting. You can install all required tools by doing the following.

  • Install nodejs.

  • Run 'npm install' in the root of the FOAM repository, where package.json is found.

Running Application Controller

The FOAM Application Controller allows you to access components of your foam app by using the browser & displaying it as a GUI. To access, run the following in the parent directory of foam2:

Style Guide

All code should follow the style guide.


  • npm test runs standard unit tests.

  • npm run testDebug runs the unit tests with a debugger.

  • npm run coverage runs code coverage and creates an html report in /coverage.

For in-browser testing, run your favorite web server at the root of the FOAM repository. In a browser, navigate to http://localhost:8000/test/browser/SpecRunner.html to run the unit tests.



Before contributing code to FOAM, you must complete the Google Individual Contributor License Agreement.

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