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43 lines (35 sloc) 1.55 KB / 2009-04-06
* Fix one more URL issue
* Fix that notifiers are always enabled
* Fix for when the commit identifier can't be retrieved
* Fix the schema to accept NULL commit author and message
* Upgrade to DataMapper 0.9.11
* Remove all of deprecation code, except on Notifier::Base
* Notifiers were refactored and now require to be registered:
* The installer do not migrate the database automagically after
a successful install anymore / 2009-03-28
* Add development dependencies to gemspec
* Fix and improve deprecation (Josh Nichols)
* Fix a typo in post install message (Josh Nichols)
* Fix URLs issues (hopefully)
* Calculate URLs using base_uri option instead of the request.url
* Fix and use the URLs generation helpers in views. (Will Leinweber)
* Depend on sinatra-authorization (which has no dependency) instead
of sinatra-ditties.
* Use [mg]( to manage release
* Various tweaks to the bootstraping Rake tasks. I am not happy
with them, though.
<> / 2009-03-16
* Add the Integrity::Notifier::Test mixin, aimed at helping
writing test for notifiers.
NOTE: The API is not fixed yet. See the following ticket
* Add support for Heroku as a deployment option
* Fix the installer to work with the current Thor gem
(There is no changelog for previous release)